‘Table 19’ Review

Table 19 is a frustrating film. It isn’t all that great, but provides enough funny moments and warm characters to float you along gently, and hint at how much better it could have been.

table 19 posterCentred around the last small table in the corner of the wedding reception, Table 19 follows the eclectic mix of characters that reside their, their reasons for being so far away from the main party, and how they attempt to survive the wedding. This table is made up of a great cast: Anna Kendrick, June Squibb, Lisa Kudrow, Craig Robinson, Tony Revolori and Stephen Merchant. It is the actors that really carry the film and help to engage you.

The film as a whole lacks substance, storylines are introduced and skimmed over; nothing is ever really explored in a lot of depth. The film doesn’t seem to realise this however, as in the later half, it attempts to evoke emotions it hasn’t earned. Some of the characters are almost half-formed and fairly thinly drawn, but the actors breathe a lot more life into them, ensuring they don’t (often) recede into caricatures.

There are some genuinely funny moments, and a certain chemistry does develop between characters (even if its not set up by the narrative). There is also the odd heartrending moment for the characters and storylines that the film has managed to build up. The film also manages to tackle the fact it is all set in one location; it keeps enough kineticism and pace to prevent much stagnation.

As a whole, it is a pleasant, enjoyable film, but not exactly a memorable or re-watchable one.


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