‘Fences’ Review

[Sidenote: I saw this before the Oscars]

Another of the big awards film’s finally makes it to UK screens, and brings along an acting masterclass.

fences posterrrBased on August Wilson’s award-winning play, Fences details the life of Troy Maxson (Denzel Washington), a sanitation worker, and his relationships with his family as they are put through the trials that come with family-life, as well as a few more dramatic twists.

Taking their Tony-award-winning performances to the screen, Washington and Viola Davis (as Rose, his wife) are so powerful and masterful in their roles, exhibiting some of the best acting of recent years. They also successfully transpose their ways from stage-to-screen. Along with other brilliant performances, they captivate and fold you into the drama.

However, the film feels, at many points, like play that has simply had a camera pointed at it. The filming makes the garden scenes feel simply like a set, and there is little cinematic quality added to it.

Yet, this does allow the rich script to remain intact, and with each line so expertly written and brilliantly performed, it still makes for great drama. Although it is a tale that may feel slightly familiar in a sense, it is told so well.

This is a great chance to experience the Tony-winning rendition of Wilson’s play translated to the screen. Go expecting an experience more like that on the stage than a cinematic spectacle, and you will be satisfied with what you receive.


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