DVDs Of The Month: October

There’s not a huge selection for this month’s home entertainment (just wait for the big rush for Christmas), but what there is ranges across the genres so there’s still a fair choice.

Me Before You

Me_Before_You_(film)This film adapted from Jojo Moye’s bestseller is your classic weepy romcom. It follows Emilia Clarke’s Lou who takes the job of caring for paraplegic Will (Sam Claflin) as she stumbles, struggling to understand her new work and get along with Will. Yet, of course, romance soon blossoms between the two. It is a film unafraid to pull at your heartstrings, with moments of poignancy, managing to overcome its extremely predictable and formulaic plot. Its quintessentially British feel and humour keeps the rest of the film light, with enough laughs littered throughout to keep you engaged. The film doesn’t delve very deep and isn’t entirely involving, but is more of the kind of film you might stick on when its raining outside and there is little else to do.

Is it worth a Blu-ray? No spectacular visuals to see here, folks

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The Conjuring 2

Conjuring_2This is one of the rare instances (especially rare in horror films) where a sequel lives up to the original. Here, we pick up with paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) on another of their cases – this time, the Enfield haunting of a young girl in North London. This film does not break James Wan’s streak of fantastic modern horror. It provides scares and suspense aplenty, gripping you, as well as making you grip onto your seat out of fear. The film also further develops the characters from the first film, and adds touching emotional moments between Ed and Lorraine. It is a film that holds up on repeat viewings too (there are also certain proleptic details you might miss on the first viewing but pick up on later).
The scariness also held up when I went to see it a midnight screening of it at our student cinema, which, considering the number of hilarious drunk/rowdy people laughing and shouting at the screen (and the constant coughing of fresher’s flu), is saying something.

Is it worth a Blu-ray? Not necessarily, but seeing all of the creepy details of the film’s villains could add to the fear.

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Money Monster

money-monster-posterJodie Foster’s latest directorial effort definitely doesn’t lack star quality. With the charisma of George Clooney and Julia Roberts front and centre, they anchor the film, providing a relationship to turn back to when the film starts to drift off. This tale of the hostage situation unfolding on a financial TV show is very timely, tapping into the zeitgeist and giving the audience a way into this world so similar to reality. It isn’t quite as gripping as its premise suggests it to be; it starts off well, pacy and gripping, yet later meanders off at moments into the realm of the farcical. Tension is built, but too often not sustained. It is the film’s three principal characters (Clooney, Roberts and Jack O’Connell) that keep you engaged, with their evolving relationships and interactions providing the main arc of the film. The result is an interesting thriller that grips and entertains; it just might not live up to your expectations.

Is it worth a Blu-ray? Not really, but it could add to the drama and rhetoric of the TV show setting.

Read the full review: ‘Money Monster’ Review


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