‘Sausage Party’ Review

The latest offering from Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and co. is an extremely crude animation, bursting with innuendo, which somehow manages to have a commentary on religion underneath.

sausage-party-posterThe film depicts the world through the eyes of our food. Beginning in a supermarket, the food sings the song of their beliefs at the start of each day (featuring some hilariously disturbing additions from the German mustard who wants to ‘exterminate the juice’). They believe that when the humans (their Gods) put them in their trolley and take them to the great beyond, they will then care for them. However, when sausage, Frank, finds out the truth that they will be cooked and eaten, he tries to spread the news and plan their survival, all while trying to find his way back to his aisle following a mishap on the trolley.

The film sets itself up for lots of innuendos, and it takes full advantage at referencing every single one of them. It begins with more subtle jokes with play on words, but gradually escalates. Towards the end of the film it becomes extremely graphic which will have you shrieking in laughter and horror. The film doesn’t shy away from anything, which you will either wholly embrace, find funny but also cringeworthy, or it might simply not be to your taste at all and you may simply see something rude and ‘vulgar’.

The all-star voice cast is excellent giving each food a different personality and crafting relationships between them that you actually care for. These characters prevent the film from getting lost in its dirty humour and help it to have a real story at its heart. Part of this story is actually a religious allegory, a tale of belief and disillusionment that poses some real philosophical questions. This too helps to prevent the film from simply being a cheap joke and gives it some depth.

Overall, if this is your type of humour, or you can at least appreciate it, you will be laughing out loud (and/or cringing, in the best sense) pretty much from start to finish. If it’s not your type of humour, you’ll know to avoid it. Regardless, it has good standing to be many people’s funniest films of the summer.


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