DVDs Of The Month: June

The final straddlers of awards films (as one of the most successful superhero films of all time) have now arrived on DVD.


trumbo posterTrumbo tells the incredible (and fairly unknown) story of Oscar-winning screenwriter Dalton Trumbo who wrote such classics as Roman Holiday, but was blacklisted by Hollywood for his involvement in the Communist Party of the USA. The film details his struggle to navigate through the politically divided film industry and attempts to continue his writing, eventually selling scripts (and winning Oscars) under a pseudonym. The film is very well done (although does suffer from the odd drop in pace), involving the audience in the story and presenting the real-life actors who appear as characters (such as John Wayne) very well. Bryan Cranston is terrific as Trumbo, fully embodying the man and crafting a captivating and interesting character. The supporting cast that includes Helen Mirren and John Goodman is fantastic, fleshing out the world of the film. The result is historically interesting in exploring the world of politics in film in an incredible true story.

Is it worth a Blu-ray? The film is based more around conversation than anything else and the period production does not warrant the need for higher definition.


The Revenant

revenant posterTo those who haven’t seen it, this film may simply be known as ‘the film that got Leo his Oscar’, and while that is certainly true, the film is so much more than that and so extraordinary in its own right it should be known for what it is. This telling of Hugh Glass’ strive for survival and revenge is absolutely phenomenal and incredibly visually stunning (thanks in large part to Emmanuel Lubezki’s spectacular cinematography) containing striking imagery that fully draws the audience in. Of course, DiCaprio’s performance is remarkable, providing a raw, human experience with very little dialogue, successfully carrying the film, for the most part, on his own. Every element of the film comes together and works like clockwork, making the incredibly complex long takes seem effortless, and making every transition seamless. The result is an astonishing masterpiece (really cementing Alejandro G, Iñárritu as a tour de force on the world’s stage) that will likely become a classic. It will leave you exhausted, feeling as though you have been the one crawling your way through the cold wilderness for the last two and a half hours, but in absolute awe of the mastery you have just experienced.

Is it worth a Blu-ray? The spectacle of this film demands the highest quality viewing. The incredible cinematography and imagery presented in the film make the splurge on a blu-ray disc absolutely worth it.

Read the full review: ‘The Revenant’ Review



deadpool posterThe merc with a mouth. A phrase that would have meant next to nothing to most of the world just a year ago, yet now is likely known by almost all (regardless of whether they’ve seen the actual film or not). The tale of Wade Wilson’s cancer-curing-treatment-gone-awry and his resulting superhero antics to save his girlfriend has been a smash hit seeming to be the superhero film the world deserved, and needed. The comedy in the film is in another league and will have you laughing consistently throughout; almost every joke lands, making for a very entertaining watch. The film is extremely meta showing a great self-awareness of itself, its budget, and the superhero genre in general, allowing it to take stabs at anyone and anything and using its limited budget to great comic effect. The writing is whip smart and full of witty one-liners and throwaway gags that you’ll likely get more from rewatching the film. This adult humour is coupled with pretty gorey violence to produce a new breed of superhero film that doesn’t pander to ratings rules and allows itself to be what it wants to be.
This is Ryan Reynolds’ film. He embodies his character and his wry sense of humour so brilliantly, its impossible to imagine anyone else in the part. Its his delivery and perfect timing that carries the film to the level its at and keeps you fully engaged throughout.
The film isn’t perfect, there are flaws in its narrative structure and overall story arc, but in this case that barely affects your experience. This is a film for those who love superhero films, but also those who loathe them, hopefully bound to spawn a new generation of blockbusters, injecting a bolt of energy into what has become overly-familiar ground.

Is it worth a Blu-ray? The action sequences would certainly benefit from higher quality viewing, but with Deadpool’s sharp sense of humour, a sharper picture is not needed to fully enjoy the film.

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