‘Bad Neighbours 2’ Review

The first Bad Neighbours was a smash hit in 2014, so it’s easy to see why this film has stuck, primarily, to the same plot premise. The switch of genders, as well as the change of sides of Zac Efron’s Teddy makes this use of the Hangover strategy forgiveable as there is enough to prevent it being a complete retread.

bad neighbours 2 posterThere are frequently funny moments, but no sustained tone, instead you are simply left waiting for the next joke to come along. The film makes good use of its cast’s comedic talents, it often being their delivery that truly gets the laughs.

The film oddly comments on sexism through the actions of Chloe Grace Moretz’s character. This is where the similarity to the first film comes in use as it allows the film to explore the discrepancies between the treatment of men and women through the differing rules of fraternities and sororities. This commentary is not generally expected in these types of film and despite its admirable attempts, it is largely ineffective.

There is little to no character development from the first film, aside from sudden realisations in certain returning characters, although it is not necessarily needed for this film to be enjoyed. Certain characters such as Efron’s airhead Teddy work better without any development, and Seth Rogen’s Mac and Rose Byrne’s Kelly need relatively little due to the chemistry in their relationship.

Overall, the film is an entertaining watch, but not exactly memorable due to its repetitive plot.


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