DVDs Of The Month: April

This month offers up a juggernaut of a film and relatively little else, due to most films running from the aforementioned giant’s cinematic release in order to not get completely lost in its shadow.

Star Wars The Force awakens

force awakens posterThere was a lot riding on this film: rebooting one of the most successful franchises of all times, redeeming the series from the prequels, and protecting a beloved institution’s reputation whilst appeasing its giant fanbase. JJ Abrams certainly delivered on all fronts. The film successfully balances nostalgic throwbacks to the first film and the new generation of characters and stories to create a film that begins to progress towards the future, whilst not straying so drastically from its roots that it loses the spark and feeling at the heart of the franchise. There are the joys of reuniting with old favourites as well as engaging new characters, helping to expand the film’s universe and create a new adventure that is sure to delight both old fans and new. Its status as the third highest grossing film seems to have cemented the film’s position as a success and will likely join your pile of DVDs for Star Wars marathons rather than staying dusty in a drawer like the few films before it.

Is it worth a Blu-ray? For die-hard fans this is not even a question. The space scenes and battles can only be enhanced by the high-definition, making the experience more spectacular.

Read the full review: ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Review



sisters posterTwo of TVs funniest women reunite on screen as adult sisters deciding to throw one last party before their parents sell their childhood home. What follows is a slow set up before the chaotic fun of the party ensues. There are enough laughs here to give the audience a good time, but not enough that you’ll want to revisit the film on a regular basis, with the delivery and chemistry of the two leads carrying you through most of the film. This is more of a one-time watch than a film that warrants repeat viewing, but will suffice if you’re looking for something with a light tone to fill your evening.

Is it worth a Blu-ray? This is not a film heavily based on its visuals so a blu ray would not add anything at all.

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joy posterThis story of the invention of the miracle mop rises above its initial premise yet falls short of expectations created by the involvement of frequent collaborators Jennifer Lawrence and David O’Russell. The film doesn’t delve very deeply into its eponymous character, instead serving a more shallow and simplistic view of her and her life that makes the film less compelling that it could be. O’Russell’s flair for quirk helps to make the film feel a little more than its formulaic plot and Lawrence’s (arguably not quite deservedly) Oscar-nominated performance gives the film a solid grounding, but neither manage to help the film take off as it could.

Is it worth a Blu-ray? Again, very little of the film is centred around the visuals so a blu-ray would only be necessary if you desperately enjoy that extra sharp edge.

Read the full review: ‘Joy’ Review


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