‘Zootopia’ Review

Zootopia/Zootropolis (depending on where you are) is a great example of what Disney can do when it is on form. It is a fun, clever story with a deeper, and arguably more currently relevant, message than may be expected from the company.

Zootopia PosterThe film follows Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin), the first rabbit police officer in the idyllic city of Zootopia, where prey and predator live together in peace. It details the prejudice Judy encounters as a rabbit before she uncovers the beginnings of a conspiracy as predators begin to revert to their natural, hunting state. To assist her, she enlists the help of conman fox Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman).

At its heart, the film carries a message of unity and anti-prejudice shown through the break down of stereotypes and the ideal, peaceful state in which all species live when they accept and care for each other. The film is entertaining for all of the family, eliciting lots of laughs alongside teaching the children this message, one that some adults also need to think about too.

The fantastic design of Zootopia ignites the imagination and is a colourful feast for the eyes. It also contains lots of little hidden references such as the ‘Lemmings Bank’ and ‘Zuber’. Disney is also not above meta through references to its other hits, a personal favourite being the line ‘Life isn’t a cartoon musical where your dreams come true, so let it go!’

Overall, Zootopia is one of Disney’s better outputs, and whilst its plot, when stripped back, may not be that original, its colourful world and characters excite and entice viewers of all ages for an entertaining time at the cinema.


And I would recommend looking up the film’s voice cast prior to watching it, to avoid the frustrating distraction of trying to figure out who plays each character.


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