‘London Has Fallen’ Review

Olympus Has Fallen was a film both enjoyed and criticised when it was released in 2013. When appreciated for what it truly was – a take-your-brain-out action film with obvious debts owed to Die Hard – it was an entertaining couple of hours full of tense action and fist-pumping moments. Its successor, however, doesn’t even reach the bar set by the first film.

london has fallen reviewThe set up of the film is weak and tepid, reeking of Hollywood blockbuster sequel, before giving way to ludicrous action sequences as London is destroyed in a slew of substandard CGI. It is the type of okay entertainment that would suit once you have finished your main film viewing for the evening and can’t bring yourself to get up off of the sofa.

There are a couple of laughs, and if you go in willingly you can have a fairly fun time as long as you don’t think too much. There are some more attempts at loosely ‘creative’ swearing, but none ever come close to the first film’s ‘let’s play a game of f*** off, you go first’. There are also some that are just offensive.

Where the first film’s premise was essentially ‘Die Hard in the White House’, the unoriginality was forgiven due to the entertainment it provided. Here, that template is gone and it’s a free-for-all plot-wise. Even the reveal
of a mystery within the film is not satisfying due to the lack of build up.

Overall this film adds to the arguments against completely unnecessary sequels, and, even though the first film was ludicrous but fun, the complete preposterousness that an audience would expect these characters to endure two similar attacks, as well as other aspects of the film, is in fact insulting. Yet, if you watch it in the right frame of mind, you might just enjoy watching the action and disruption.


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