‘Hail Caesar!’ Review

The Coen brothers have served up another bizarre comedy that you simply may ‘get’ or not. The film is effectively plotless aside from the basic premise that George Clooney’s pompous actor, Baid Whitlock, is kidnapped – a plot that contributes relatively little to an overall story.

hail caesar posterThe film lives up to its name as a comedy, providing plenty of laughs. There are brilliantly witty scenes crafted by the Coens and delivered to perfection by their stellar cast that will likely elicit laughs from most of the audience, however, the amount you laugh will depend on whether you tend to ‘get’ the Coens’ humour (although arguably there is more to laugh at here than in their other comedies for those who do not tend to find their unique humour very funny). The film makes no sense and you will most likely laugh at the completely bonkers nature of the film almost as much as at the comedy in the script.

The extraordinary cast delivers on every level, with no weak link showing through at all. The comic timing is impeccable, with almost every character being distinctly memorable (despite them often receiving little time on screen in order to accommodate the vast cast of characters). The Coens also appear, as usual, in complete control, despite the far-stretching scope of the film.

The film feels as though it drags on at times, partly due to the lack of plot propulsion as well as the fact that the film rarely makes much sense.

Regardless, if you are a fan of the Coens’ comedy, you’ll find much to laugh at here, and while it may not enter the vault alongside some of their most iconic works, there is still a fairly enjoyable (if not perplexing) time to be had here.


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