‘Deadpool’ Review

Deadpool. It seems the whole world now knows who that is despite never having heard of it a year ago. The incredible marketing campaign (one of the best I’ve ever seen, really – just google the posters) has built up a crazy amount of hype and the film certainly delivers what was promised.

deadpool posterThe film is packed full of brilliant comedy (almost every joke lands-a high success rate especially for modern comedies), right from the offset. Even the opening credit sequence is made up entirely of jokes. It is a welcome variance on the superhero genre, acting more as an outright R-rated comedy than the typical superhero fare. The film is so extremely meta, it seems to know exactly what the audience want and also serves to effectively engage the audience more. It is full of pop-culture references, old and new, so there is something for everyone (the post credits sequence is a particularly brilliant one). The meta is used especially well when talking about the film’s small budget and the limitations it causes, exaggerating the film’s state of self-awareness.

The film is also extremely violent, another difference to the typical superhero film, making a change from seeing villains thrown through windows without a drop of red in sight. It is excessively gory, offering up cringe-inducing and ‘look away’ moments, as well as at times being used to comedic effect.

The film has an interesting fragmented narrative structure, branching off as a series of flashbacks from within the opening action sequence. Whilst being inventive and often adding to the meta and comedic aspects of the story, it does detract from the overall story arc, making it less effective.

deadpool poster 2

I know I only usually put in one poster per review but, honestly, these are just too good

The cast’s comic timing is excellent, with no one missing a beat, but this is truly Ryan Reynold’s film. Cast to perfection, Reynold’s embodies the character delivering every deadpan and snarky remark impeccably. He brings a wit and charm to the character that makes the audience empathise with him and cheer him on.

This is the adult superhero experience that the world has clearly craved. It will appeal not purely to comic-book or superhero film lovers, but comedy fans, pop culture and film aficionados, Ryan Reynolds fans and just general audiences wanting good entertainment.


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