‘Sisters’ Review

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s latest team up brings a likeable comedy that will probably appeal to both teenagers and adults.

sisters posterThe two comediennes play sisters who find out their childhood home is up for sale, and decide to have one last party to re-experience their teenage days. This set up takes its time, causing the first part of the film to feel slow with a few laughs. However, once the party plans are in full swing, the film begins to pick up its pace.

Poehler and Fey are terrific together, as always, with their chemistry and comedic talents holding the film together at times, and making it better than it would otherwise be. They throw themselves into their characters, with there being little character build-up otherwise, but the two make them likeable and entertaining to watch. This means that the film’s attempts at slightly more serious, emotional moments don’t quite work, instead they serve to simply break the comedic tone, without really adding anything.

There is a multitiude of funny moments, not many big laughs, but enough to sustain a light atmosphere. At times these delve into the ridiculous in a way that may cause you to laugh more at, than with the jokes.

Overall, Sisters is a likeable, fairly funny comedy, however, unlike director Jason Moore’s previous film Pitch Perfect, its unlikely you’ll want to revisit it.


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