Back To The Future Day 21/10/15

bttf dashboardToday is the day. The future is now. We have finally reached the day Marty and Doc travelled to from 1985, and our future is…not quite as it was imagined in the film, but Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale did get an amazing amount right.

While we may not have hoverboards or flying cars (or the extraordinary fashion), we do have video-calls, drones, google-glass, as well as a myriad of other things. One of the main things we do have that was not even hinted at in the films was the internet or the power of giant computers in the palms of our hands: instead, Future Marty has to resort to faxes to communicate messages.

Back To The Future created an incredible future filled with fascinating things, and as a result of the film’s huge cultural impact and significance, many of these futuristic items are being developed today. The self-lacing Nike Mags and hoverboards are just a couple of the technological advances thHoverboardat have occurred purely because of their existence in the film. So incredible was the film’s impact and its vision of the future, that companies are taking the initiative to bring that future to life.

The fact that this film trilogy has survived 30 years from the first film’s release and has still maintained, if not increased, the huge love it has globally, with the day being celebrated by people all over the world, of all races and ages. The film’s wonder has been passed down generations by parents excited to introduce their children to one of the classic 80s films. Many people who were not even alive when the first film was released, myself included, have been eagerly anticipating the 21st of October 2015 as much as those who first saw the films in the cinemas have. The film is simultaneously period and timeless, celebrating the culture of the 50s, 80s, and the expected culture of 2015, yet the story is accessible to everyone, not matter what age they are or era they were born in, it has universal appeal. It is one of the few films with such a strong legacy that the excitement and wonder of the film has infected progressing generations in the same way it did those who saw it upon its initial release.

bttf2Re-watching an older blockbuster like this, with such an imaginative and original story, in 2015 makes the current blockbuster landscape seem a little bleak. Almost all of the huge blockbusters now are part of superhero franchises, or stem from some well-known source material, be it a book or previous film. With the exception of films from directors such as Christopher Nolan, the blockbuster world is filled with little originality on such a huge scale as Back To The Future was.

It seemed as though today every movie-lover in the world came together to celebrate this one, extraordinary trilogy through big-scale events such as conventions or exhibitions, to reliving the magic at home on their TVs. All of this shows what a rare, beloved gem Back To The Future is, and whilst its future is now sadly in the past, the films and their legacy are sure to live on for decades to come.


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